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    Slingbox Pro HD - Network Light Stays Off


      I realize that several others have posted that their network port on the sling box appears to have just shut off. I have even wasted my $$ on another power supply directly from Sling Media on the off chace that somehow there was a defect in the power supply and it reduced the voltage on the box preventing the network port from getting power. (Even if that were the case I can't beleive that I'd have to pay for a manufacturing defect - but I did)


      Now I have swapped the ethernet cable (Cat5e and Cat6)

      I have moved it from one swtch to another within the house (I'm a IT consultant so I have dozens of networked devices in the house - ALL with no issues) and yes my router has no issues handing out IP addresses or resolving DNS FQDN's.

      I have also reset the box numerous times. It's the same story, the network light on the Pro HD comes on for a second, blinks and then stays off for good after that untill I restart or reset it again.

      Personal firewalls have also been disabled during all these attempts.


      I can't stress enough that NOTHING changed on the network, the router, firewall, switch, wireless, IP Range etc...all the same and other devices working without a problem on this network...except the sling box.


      Can someone tell me the best way to have SlingMedia replace this defective box with another? I refuse to take the next step of isolating it and sniffing the packets just to see if it even sends out a DHCP request at all.


      Any help is appreciated



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          Hi, mpenhollow


          The following link will provide you with information about the support and replacement options, according to your Slingbox PRO activation date.


          Sling Media Paid Support Offerings

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            same story i have , just i have an Slingbox PRO, what to do?


            i have used all monday, trying to solve this problem :-(




            Mikkel Denmark

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              Ok guys,


              I had the same problems,.... couldn't get an IP to stick when the router DHCP doled them out, etc....


              The comments about the AC adapter are BS.


              What you have to do is update your router firmware.   I have a Linksys WRT610N router  (Version1), and as soon as I updated the firmware the unit has worked like a charm, and solid as a rock.   For the Linksys routers, they have detailed release notes on how to backup your current router configuration, initiating the firmware update (after downloading it of course), and then restoring your saved router configuration settings.


              Update your firmware and enjoy your slingbox,... I've hooked my Slingbox Pro HD to my set top box's component video connections and the picture is AWESOME!.