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    Help with Pro-HD on a fiber optic system


      I have a fiber optic broadband connection using PAXIO.net without a router. I have an ethernet port that I connect to a Netgear GS116 gigabit switch and no router. I've hooked up my Pro-HD to the switch and it seems to synch ok with both lights burning steady. However, I am unable to find the Pro-HD even after doing a hard reset.


      I saw one post that seemed to indicate a router was necessary while other posts here seem to indicate otherwise. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions that you can give me.

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          tivoaddict Newbie

          As far as I know you will need a router to assign an ip address to the sling box so it can be found on the network. If you are just using a network hub to connect it, it won't get an ip address from your modem if there is already one device on you network that grabbed your public ip from your service provider. If you get a router it will assign multiple "internal" ip addresses to all your devices on your network and you should be able to connect to your sing box without a problem. Hope this helps!