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    Fast Home Network, High Quality PVR, but awful SlingPlayer Picture


      I've got a fairly fundamental problem - how to get a half decent picture on my SlingPlayer!  I've got a new Humax HD PVR which is outputting video at 720p to my telly.  The PVR is connected to the slingbox solo by composite (no RGB out unfortunately).


      Looking on my SlingPlayer on a PC connected to my other TV in another room in my house the picture quality is quite frankly awful.  It's all networked on Cat5 and I haven't set up internet access, so it should be streaming it very well in theory.


      Is there anyway I can improve the picture?  I don't understand why it's so bad.  My whole house is connected by cat5 going through a megabit switch and router, so the whole of my home network is as fast as is possible.  There is an 'Encoding' tab in the SlingPlayer options where you can optimise the resolution for local access, but it doesn't seem to make any difference whatever I set it to.


      Any insight or help greatly appreciated as at the moment the slingplayer picture really isn't useable. :-(