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    DishNetwork 722


      My primary TV is hooked up to the 722 and the Slingbox Pro is installed on the second TV (dual mode). The Slingbox is configured with the coaxial input/output and the TV is working fine. the problem is I cant get the Slingbox to pickup the signal. No matter what video source I setup the signal is not received? The dual mode TV is set to Rem Addr 12 and TV Ch out 60? Will it work on the secondary TV or does it have to be on the Primary?

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          Hi djlajoie.


          Since you are not receiving any video signal from the Slingbox PRO, you can check the connections and settings on the Slingbox to make sure everything is hooked up properly. You can either connect the Slingbox the Dish Network 722 (using component or composite cables) or to the wall directly using coaxial.


          Feel free to use the following links as a guide for the connections:


          Controlling your TV


          I hope that helps.