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    Good signal on TV - Snow or no signal on Slingbox


      I just got a Slingbox Pro-HD and I've connected it to my analog cable signal.

      On my TV I've got perfect picture on all channels, but when I watch the slingbox signal on the web, half of the channels are fine and the rest have poor quality with snow on the picture or the picture is just black and white flicker for a few seconds before the player displays "no video signal".

      What's wrong?


      Kind regards


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          tivoaddict Newbie

          I'm no expert about this but you may want to try connecting your SlingBox to another cable connection in the house to see if you get the same results. If that doesn't help I think there is an internal splitter or second tuner, inside the SlingBox so you can watch one channel on the tv and another from the box. If one of the tuners is bad it may be effecting your picture quality. If that is the case you would have to exchange the SlingBox.