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    Slingbox keeps disconnecting error w211


      I have the slingbox pro-hd and it will work for awhile sometimes like an hour, 2 hours, then the video freezes and says error connecting to your slingbox error w211. I have a slingbox solo on the same network that doesnt have any problems. Anyone having these problems?

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          Hi Leet2thug,


          Take a look at the following link. You'll find the most common reasons for this behavior that you 're experiencing remotely,


          Internet Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality


          You need to confirm that your network at home meets the minimum requirements. You also can try to connect to the Slingbox using a different computer to check if the issue persists



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            My pro works perfectly from my office and when using a dongle. works perfect every where except my appartment.


            Singtel arrived today and changed the modem, still same problem. They have no idea.


            I have tried everything that is posted on various sites, but still same.


            Strange that on the odd occasion it works fine for a few hours. Usually late at night or early in the morning.


            There is an answer, but i have had enough of slingbox. BBCIPLAYER using a proxy server works a treat here in singapore. I get most of the stuff i normally watch without the headache of stingbox.


            Best of luck


            gt in sgp