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    Upload rate of slingbox HD vs Solo


      Hi all.. new to the slingbox/slingbox mobile..


      I purchased a pro HD recently and have an iPhone 3G. I'm wondering if there is a way to control/limit the upload rate when viewing with the slingmobile app on my iPhone


      I ask because the kbps rate seems to fluctuate between 700-1000 yet when I log in to a friends solo the kbps rate seems to hover around 500 kbps


      I do not have unlimited bandwidth on my iPhone plan (6 gb) so I'm wondering if there is a way to limit the upload bandwidth.


      I have gone so far as to purchase a solo to try and compare and would likely return the HD slingbox if the bandwidth difference is in fact almost double.


      Also if anyone has any experience with both boxes and can say if the streaming to the slingmobile app works better with one vs the other that would be good info.


      I'd obviously rather keep the HD version (even though it was more $$) for the better quality on my home network but if the difference is as great as it seems to be I'd rather have more hours to view on my iPhone


      Thanks for any advice/input you can provide