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    Major problems with Slingbox Solo


      Hi guys,


      We're having a lot of trouble with our  Slingbox Solo, and I'm not sure if it's my setup, the conditions we're  using it for, or the purpose we're using it for.


      The  slingbox is being used to display gameplay footage from an Xbox 360 on a  laptop, which is then recorded using Fraps. The setup is as follows:


      The Xbox is connected to the slingbox (and then the TV), which is then connected by ethernet to a network extender.


      This is in one room. The slingbox is then connected via a network extender to a router in another room.


      The other end of the network extender is connected to a router via ethernet.


      We realise this is less than ideal, but its the best we can do for the moment.


      Now,  the slingbox works fine for short periods of time, but for longer  periods of time (ie, 10 minutes, which is what we're aiming for) the  video starts to lag.


      These episode were shot back to back, by stopping fraps and then restarting it:


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld2mHS4-JUw - Black Ops Episode One

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_872713&v=L3GOh4qSI68&feature=iv - Black Ops Episode Two

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbJhzkqZ5Kk&annotation_id=annotation_370775&feature=iv - Black Ops Episode Three


      As you can see, the video lags quite a bit at some points, and is perfect apart from that.


      This is the major problem: I can live with the quality we're getting if I can just fix the lag.


      However,  there is another problem: I got Component Cables today (to connect the  slingbox to the telly), and when I tried to use it with the slingbox  today, I got a message telling me 1080p isn't supported.


      I'm no expert on placeshifting, so if any more information is required, I'll happily provide it.


      Thanks in advance.