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    Slingbox works for 15 min then drops connection????


      Hey guys I'm trying to help out a friend with his slingbox solo.. We have connected everything and set up everything correctly.. He is using a sling link though and not hardwired to his router.. When we are Both on the home network and away from it.. The sling player app works great for a good 10-15 minutes but then ust drops the connection and we get the error message " Slingplayer cannot connect to your sling box. Please make sure your device and sling box are connected to the internet and try again". And when we try to reconnect it works fine and does the same cycle.. What on earth could be causing this? He has a verizon fios router.. We reset and rebooted the router and sling box numerous times and reset up Internet viewing and no luck.. Any help would-be appreciated..thanks guys. We did the fully automatic configuration and didn't set up port forwarding