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    Can I do this with 1 slingbox




      I got an old SF home and with updated electrical and ethernet, but almost no cable options.  Rather than rewiring, I'd like to know if it's possible to do the following:


      What I Have

      -2 HD DVRs (these are in a media closet, not in the same room as any of the TVs)

      -3 TVs


      What I Would Like To Do

      -Buy 1 Slingbox Pro HD

      -Connect both cable boxes to the Slingbox Pro HD

      -Somehow configure them so, all 3 TVs can be watching different stuff at the same time


      Is this possible?

      How would I get the video to TVs.  I think that's what a SlingCatcher did.  What would I use now?


      Or would I have to do the following:

      -Connect my cable boxes to a 4-Port Sling Link

      -Purchase Sling Links to Connect to each TV

      -Purchase Slingbox's to Connect to each TV


      Is this how I would do it or is there an easy way?  It's unlikely all 3 TVs are in use at the same time, so if I could only watch 2 different things at once that might be fine also.



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          Hi, you can connect multiple cable boxes up to your Slinbox.  However, the Slingbox cannot stream to other TVs, that is what the Slingcatcher is used for.  If you want to be able to watch something different on TV than what is streaming through the Slingbox, then it depends if your cable boxes have 2 tuners.



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              Thanks Brian.  So, I think both cable boxes have 2 tuners, so I should be covered there.  If the SlingCatcher isn't available anymore, what product do I buy in its place?

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                  Hi, I am not aware of another product that does the same thing.  I was also not aware that the Slingcatcher is not available. I did find it on Amazon and other places on the web.


                  Also, with the 2 tuners, you need to be able to output using both tuners.  My cablebox has 2 tuners, but one is for recording on the DVR and one is for watching TV.