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    Airport extreme, Mac and Slingbox Pro


      I have a problem setting up my Pro, through an Airport Extreme. I could connect to the slingbox the first time i tried to set it up, and then remote viewing did not work, and sling assistant could not help. Then when I tried to connect to the slingbox after that, it would not accept the password, then after resetting it, it still wanted a password, even though I haven't started the setup after resetting to factory settings !!!! I have heard about it before, but really never seen a solution for that problem. I have installed slingbox utility, and I have Slingplayer on my Mac !


      This is my 3'rd sling, and after switching to Mac, and buy the new Singbox Pro, I can not get it to work !!


      Anyone tried that, and found a solution ??




      Bent, Denmark