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    Error : 0x92370001.."There is a problem communicating with the Slingbox . Try Connecting again "


      I have been running my Slingbox for some 4 - 5 months now with no problem . Suddenly last Friday I get this message. ( Above ). The Slingbox is in my sons house. He trouble shoots it and gets it working again. 20 mins later it goes back to this error. And this has been continuous  It would appear that this is a common fault.


      The e-mail below I received from my son.


      This the error that your slingbox produces when it tries to connect:

      • Error: 0x92370001

      If you Google this slingbox error it brings up loads of forums where people have had the same problem, one day it’s working fine then suddenly it just stops working, and there doesn’t seem to be any sure fix to it. 


      Can anybody help ?