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    Internet Connection Sharing / Wifi and LAN


      Hello group,


      I would appreciate some help with setting up my Slingbox for remote internet viewing.


      1. My PC is connected to a Billion ADSL modem with IP 192.168.1.x.
      2. The same PC is connected via Wifi to a Netgear 802.11n Wifi Router with IP 192.168.137.x
      3. Internet connection sharing is enabled on the PC so that any user connecting to the Netgear Router gets Internet Access.
      4. The Slingbox is connected to the Netgear directly via LAN cable. The Slingbox and Netgear are in the Lounge Room and the PC in my bedroom.


      However the remote internet viewing wizard always fails. I have made attempts to set up port forwarding on the Billion, the PC and the Netgear but don't think I understand well enough what needs to be done.


      Would someone please assist me? Very grateful for your assistance.