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    Green screen using slingbox.com

      • First - I absolutely love my Slingbox Solo!
      • I can stream to my iPhone.
      • I can stream to my home computer with Windows XP using the Slingbox web site or the Slingbox desktop player
      • I can stream to my laptop with Windows XP using the Slingbox web site or the Slingbox desktop player.
      • I bought a new Asus netbook with Windows 7 Home Premium and I can stream using the Slingbox desktop player but NOT the Slingbox web site.
      • When streaming from the web site, I get audio but no video, it displays a green screen.
      • I reset IE8 and forced the re-download of the active-x download - no change!
      • I dropped the security level for internet from med-high to med - no change!
      • Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and what to do to fix it?
      • Perhaps it is a compatibility issue with IE8 or Windows 7 home premium??
      • Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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          I just downloaded FireFox, went to Slingbox.com, and it does the same exact thing as IE8!

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            Hi ACC798937,


            This could be an issue with the video cables that you have connected to the Slingbox, have a look at this link;


            When I watch using Watch on Slingbox.com or SlingPlayer, the colors  are all wrong. Sometimes, the picture is mostly green. What should I do?


            Give it a try and let us know how it works



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                Thank you for your reply.  The problem is that I have a solid green video screen, you can not see anything but a solid green screen.  The problem can't be the Slingbox, the cables (component), or the router because it all works great with my iPhone, my laptop, or my desktop computer.  This problem is only on my new netbook with Windows 7 premium home edition.  I thought that there might be a video card issue on the netbook, but the Slingbox desktop software works fine - so that rules out a lot of things on the netbook.  Since this problem only happens when I use the web viewing feature when using IE8 or FireFox, maybe it is an active-x problem in Windows 7??  I am at a loss to figure out what to try next??

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                    any solution yet??? I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!


                    I have a Slingbox Pro with the HD Connect cable, i connected thru that and get a bunch of green lines, mostly just a green screen but the audio is perfect. I then disconnected the HD Connect cable and just plugged my directv straight into the slingbox, same thing!!


                    I have Directv HR22 receiver

                    Slingbox Pro w/HD connect cable






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                        No answer to my problem.


                        I am using the Slingbox Solo with a component cable.  Have you tried disconnecting the HDMI cable and trying a component or composite cable?


                        What is your operating system?


                        Try downloading the Singbox desktop player (Google "Slingbox Desktop Player") and see if it works with any of the three types of video cables?  The desktop player works fine on my netbook.



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                            i have tried it using s-video, the two video cables with the 2 audio cables, and also tried the 1 video cabl with 2 audio cables...


                            i have tried using my ipad, iphone, and laptop.


                            ALL with the sames results, just a bunch of green lines but PERFECT audio, here is a picture of my screen:



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                              Hi, ACC798937


                              We recommend you to verify if the audio / video drivers on this specific computer. If they are, run the AV setup one more time and make sure to verify if the cables are properly set.

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                                  Hi All,

                                  I to have a problem with the "SOLID" green screen, works fine on the Slingbox desktop app but when connecting just using my Laptop screen to the Slingbox watch site I only get a Solid green screen with Audio. If I plugin a HDMI cable I can watch the video no problem on the TV, I have checked with Nvidia and I have the latest version of there drivers. So not sure what the incompatiability is with the Laptop screen and slingbox watch.

                                  Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.