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    Hardware acceleration in Windows 7 ever going to be available?


      Hello SlingMedia,


      I know that hardware acceleration in the slingmedia player currently isn't available in Windows 7.

      My question has been asked before on the forums, but I couldn't find an answer for it so I would like to ask it again.


      Is hardware acceleration ever going to be available in Windows 7? And if so, what is the planning on this?


      I use the slingplayer on a 24" monitor and the video quality isn't that great without hardware acceleration.

      And before you send me of to check the settings, they are all OK. I would just like to have an answer to the question above :-).


      With kind regards,






      System Specs:

      Intel Core2Quad Q9450

      Asus P5N-T Deluxe

      8GB RAM

      2x nVidia GTX 260 in SLI using driver version 266.58

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

      Slingplayer version