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    Pre-Sales Question


      I hope I can get a solid answer on this as not many people have been able to help me [at best buy].


      In my home I have 3 TV's that I want to use Sling Box with.  Basically I want to be able to share my:

      Apple TV


      HD Cable


      With the 3 TV's & my iPad.


      I guess my only true question is this. If in my living room I setup a Slingbox and connect up all my items, I know on my iPad I can watch all of those items through SlingBox & the iPad app.  But in my bedroom and den, I don't want to use the iPad.. I want to use my TV's... So if I bought 3 SlingBox's, one for the Living Room, Den & Bedroom, will the Den & Bedroom look at the Living room for the inputs?


      I hope I've explained this question clear enough, any help would be appreciated.

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          Kennedk Newbie

          Think of it this way, the sling box is the video transmitter over the Internet or your local network at home.  You will only be able to watch with one receiver ( you will need a sling catcher to watch on a tv in another room ) at a time so if you are looking to watch multiple streaming video on multiple tvs you are out of luck.   Hope this helps. KK


          P.s. I use the sling box to transmit my home cable dvr to my trailer 100 mi. Away and I can watch it there.

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              So basically you're saying in my example I can do it with only ONE TV/device viewing at a time, and the Den/Bedroom will need a "sling catcher"?  Where do you buy those. I don't really see that on the website for sale?


              Thanks so much for your help