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    Slinglink lights on... nobody home?


      I have been using my slingbox with the same slinglinks for like 3 years.. They've always worked well and nothing has (knowingly) changed... Suddenly the slingbox won't connect anymore.... I reset EVEYTHING, ran through all the troubleshooting... Still not working


      All lights are on for both slinglinks, when I try to connect my laptop to the slinglink the computer recognizes there is a sigal there and says "Identifying..." but it just won't connect.. Same with the slingbox box. When I plug in the slinglink, the network light blinks as if its trying to connect, but just never does. I'm at a loss... I already missed basektball last night because of this, and baseball season is fast approaching! :/

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          I can't believe your title sentence!

          I just said that exact same thing several hours ago!!!!!!!

          I do have a post in here describing my identical situation.

          But upon extensive surfing around the site, I see that

          other users have been shut out also, but are trying

          fruitlessly to connect.

          They try to change settings and refigure things

          but its useless because something or someone at the Sling server

          has tweaked some code that doesn't work.

          There's nothing wrong with our settings.
          We suffered through a similar experience last fall.

          The part I don't understand is what the holdup is in fixing these

          ridiculous problems, or fixing them QUICKLY.

          They offer the same old answers that has us

          spooling around to dead ends.

          I too wanted access to my TV/DVR in the coming weeks.

          Oh well.....