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    Lost connection to Slingbox


      I have been having trouble for just over a week to connect before it was fine. As wrote in previous posts I got the same error error mesaages etc. Also the information that someone else was logged on to my Slingbox.As also mentioned in other posts.


      Anyhow now have had the box reset several times and then switched off the Modem and Box power and get a new message !


      "Connections to your Slingbox have been disabled. Doyou want to retry"


      I have made sure that the everything is still connected as it should be does anyone have any advice.

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          I had that same issue with FireFox4.  When i use IE8, it prompts me for the SlingBox Admin password (because I've reset it).  When I enter it I'm able to view in IE8 but not FF4.  Getting the error you are.  


          I'm also getting frequest disconnects (every 2 minutes) with Error Code W021.


          Hope this helps.

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            Hello wayno.


            If you are still having issues connecting to the Slingbox, probably your Slingbox software inside your Slingbox  needs to be updated before you can set up your Slingbox. I encourage you to complete the steps mentioned on this article to get this resolved.


            Error message: "Connections to your Slingbox have been disabled"


            I hope it helps.



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                Just to update I reinstalled the complete system and its been working fine for several months. What I figured out is that when it said someone else was connected to my slingbox did I want to stop them and I said yes, it was in fact me who was the other person and it blocked me from accessing until I came home and resinstalled everything again. So my advice is when it asks this question in future just let it run. My problem was that I was in China and there's a lot of paranoid people thinking they are monitoring every internet user and of course I'm one of them who consequently screwed himself or his SB.