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    I just installed a Slingbox ProHD, get error Initializing SlingAccount


      I just installed a New SlingBox Pro HD via Wired Ethernet and Verizon Router, red netwok light is on solid on the slingbox and I can ping the IP address and get a good response. Slingbox setup process finds the Slinbox "congratulations we have detected your slingbox" but I get an error when it tries "Intializing SlingAccounts" takes place. "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox pls try again"


      worked with Slingbox support they calim it is router firewall or computer firewall...worked with Verizon Support to open router port to slingbox and confirm firmware is current...disabled client firewall on my comoputer...


      still get same error...appreciate any ideas....this is all on my homenetwork...thx