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    Sling Box freezes after about 5-10 minutes


           My Slingbox solo was working fine, up until about a month ago.  Now, no matter where I watch it it freezes on me without fail every 5-10 minutes.  I have tried all of their "troubleshooting tips" but non have worked.  It's a shame because I had a slingbox AV, purchased the $30 Windows Mobile app, bought a new sling box solo, along with the iphone and ipad apps, and now I cannot use the thing.  I really cannot justify paying $30 for support.  Shouldn't a company support it's products?  You should at least be able to talk to them for free.  Is there any way to fix this?  I have a 30 up/5 down connection where my sling box is hooked up.  Like i said, my slingbox AV worked fine, and so has this one, up until about a month ago.  I really do not want to purchase another slingbox for $200.  I heard sling box customer support on the phone is HORRIBLE, so I am trying to find an answer here.  PLASE HELP!