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    New router? BT router? Network problems? Lost connection? Port-forwarding!


      Took me an age to work out what the problem was with my lost Slingcatcher/Slingbox connection so thought I'd post this so if anyone else searches for answers they might come across it and save themselves some time, frustration, anguish, etc..


      Slingcatcher connection in Canada went down with the 'network problems' message - not unusual with kids back home regularly fiddling with switches, cables, etc. Called family in the UK to get them to check everything - all seemed ok = confused. Then it was pointed out that they'd just switched ISP to BT so figured it was probably summat to do with the new router settings


      Once I'd worked out that it was probably a Port-Forwarding issue (new term to me - I'd had nothing to do with initial set-up and B-I-L is NOT PC-savvy) I found a super-helpful guide (cos there was NOTHING in the BT literature) at filesaveas.com on how to do this - handily it uses the Slingbox as an example:




      I hope that's of use to someone