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    Sling box 500 with Direct TV


      I just bought a Slingbox 500, and connected it easily to my direct TV Genie... it works great, until I realized that we HAVE to watch the same programming on SlingPlayer as on our main TV in our house...


      I was hoping I could hook the slingbox to one of our many other TV receivers in the house so whom ever is at home can watch what they want to, and the person who is not at home can watch what they want without changing the channel of the main TV.


      The receivers I have in other rooms, do not have component hookups, only HDMI and an S-Video hook up.  Is there a way around this?  There is no S-Video hook up on my slingbox 500 so I don't see an easy way around it. 




      Thank you in advance.

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          ms.T Novice

          If none of your other STB have component or composite outputs, you would need to get an HDMI to component adapter. A lot of them do not strip the HDCP from your STB. So just make sure you find one that does, and it should work just fine.


          If you don't want to purchase a separate device, you can try swapping out one of the STB with your cable provider for one that does offer component outputs.