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    HD over coax - tuner question




      I'm receiving all my SD and HD on cable tv via coax and currently connects the coax to my Slinbox AV and from here to my TV with a built-in HD tuner allowing me to see both SD and HD channels on the TV.


      My problem is that the channels on the Slingbox are only SD and I'm therefore considering to upgrade to Slingbox Pro or HD but I'm unsure if the coax tuner in the Slingbox can transmit both SD and HD and does it apply both for the PRO and PRO HD?


      I hope you can help me select the best Slingbox.


      Thank you!

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          Hi, frispark 


          If you want to get the SD and HD channels and make the passthrough to your TV set, the best option is to get the Slingbox PRO HD.


          Its internal built-in tuner will allow you to send the signal to the TV set while using the SlingPlayer software, without affecting each other. Finally, keep in mind that this is the only Slingbox model that streams the HD quality.


          The following link will allow you to get all the information about the Slingbox PRO HD and its features.


          Slingbox PRO HD general information

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              Thank you for your reply.


              I have also looked a bit deeper into this but I'm onsure if the Slingbox HD PRO has a DVB-C tuner - as I can see from other posts this is not the case?


              If not then I require a STB to be connnected before the Slingbox with a coax splitter as I would like my wife to have full controll of our TV when I'm travelling.



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              I want to revive this thread to see if the answer has changed in the last year.  Is the Slingbox Pro HD still the best Slingbox for no TV Settop box setup?  Is there a way to compare Slingboxes?  The new compare link only compares 350 and 500 and doesn't even list built in tuner as one of the features.