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    Why is my Slingcatcher streaming at less than 300kbps?




      I've had this thing for 14 months now and it has NEVER run faster than 380-odd and lately been spending most of its time hovering around the 200kbps mark. I initially accepted the poor picture quality as I was super-grateful to get anything at all that meant I didn't have to watch Canadian TV and thought it was just something that was down to infrastructure and would improve over time - it hasn't. Now I've just read a series of posts by people talking of 1000-1500kbps (let alone the 8000kbps claims) and I've had enough..


      I note that Sling have a support article on this kind of problem with the only suggestion being to download a softweare update - well, apparently this hasn't been updated in 2 years and my on-screen menu tells me that none are available in any case.


      I'm in B.C. Canada, the Slingbox is in the U.K. I'm getting a number of different download speeds from the various test providers from 1.5-6Mb (Speedtest.net giving the 6) and MOS figures from Pingtest.net of 4.25-4.35 (rated B - good for all internet applications) with no packet loss (whatever that all means)..


      That all sounds like it should be fine - so why the slow stream? The only thing I don't know is the upload speed at the UK end though it is a BT Broadband connection so should be ok.

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          alano Newbie

          Hi Adam.


          It's going to be your upload speed in UK.


          I have my Slingcatcher in Spain, and have the luxury of two broadband connections (one for personal use, and one for business use) at my house in UK where my Slingbox is located.


          My VirgingMedia Cable connection gives me streaming at around 1200 to 1300.  My BT line usually gives me streaming at 250-350 (it occassionaly gets up to 600 - but that's extremely rare - usually during the silly hours of 4-5am).


          BT are sh*te!   Old and long telephone cables from their exchanges seriously limit bandwidth.  VirginMedia Cable (not ADSL) connections are new and hi-tec.


          Best wishes.