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    Slingbox not connecting to network


      I've been extremely pleased with my Slingbox PRO-HD since I obtained it in November last year.


      I mainly use it to stream TV around my home network, but have also enjoyed watching TV remotely.


      Today, when I fired up Safari, I got the Slingbox connecting logo, followed by a network connection error.


      Upon examining the Slingbox itself, I noticed that the network connection light remained unlit, even after being reset and switched on and off again. The Slingbox logo on the front of the box also remains unlit - which I seem to remember glowing during a reboot sequence, although I may be misremembering that!


      I've tried everything suggested on the Slingmedia website to rectify the problem.


      I've tried performing the reset sequence several times, and the result is always no network connection.


      My laptop works when plugged into the same network point, so I know the network outlet is functioning correctly.


      My profession is as a Software Engineer so I understand about IP addresses, firewalls, proxy servers and the like, so I'm pretty certain my problem is not with software.


      I therefore I think it's a hardware problem.


      My question is, how do I go about getting the unit repaired?


      (I'm living in the UK, where I believe there is a 2 year warranty on the product)