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    Getting this error


      Slingbox pro hd ,  Connections to your Slingbox from the internet have been disabled.


      Nothing on the computer or router has been changed.


      Lights on Slingbox are solid, the Slingbox connection at the router indicates it is connected.


      Reset Slingbox, setup indicates that Slingbox has been located, then I get      Error connecting to your Slingbox

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          Hi, joannsweden


          We recommend you to hard reset the Slingbox in order to clear out all of the settings and run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing. The following links will provide you with the steps to follow.


          Resetting your Slingbox


          Internet Viewing


          If the issue persists, we recommend you to include further details and the specific error message you get.

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              I hard reset the Slingbox


              Setup says contgratulations we have located your slingbox on the network.


              The next set up step says "error conecting to your Slingbox"   Retry?


              I can get no further than this step


              In network assistant. My router is not listed, so I can not use this plan to edit settings.