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    Help a tecno-numpty please


      Right, i'm fully aware this is probably a silly question, but i've let home AV technology pass me by over the years!


      My set up is as follows


      TV connected to Sky HD which is connected to wireless router. (which I use for internet tv on my laptop / wirelessly obviously)


      Upstairs, i've just acquired a new iMac on which my children want to be able to watch Disney Cinemagic etc.


      Here's my question.


      If I buy the SlingboxPRO-HD, and connect that to my SkyHD box and Router, will my iMac receive the Slingbox signal wirelessly directly from the router?


      My broadband speeds are not great, but I figure if the Slingbox is sending the signal direct from the router wirelessly, it makes less difference, and that's the only piece of hardware I need, I'm not interested in watching TV outside the home, just want to avoid cables, as it's an old cottage.


      Any thoughts?


      Download 1.21Mbps

      Upload     0.49Mbps

      Ping        160ms


      (if that means anything)



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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Yes and no.  If you had a PC, you could receive the signal directly from your router via the SlingPlayer software.  There is no SlingPlayer software for the Mac and they must receive the signal via the internet.  Your internet speeds are way to slow for that.

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              Many thanks, it does appear the iMac limits my options somewhat.


              Back to the drawing board, looks like they'll be stuck with BBC iPlayer and DVDs to keep them happy!


              Oh,sorry again, just to add.


              Is there any particular hardware Slingbox do that would solve my problem?

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              I was told by Slingbox technical staff that when you view video from inside your network, the video is streamed from the Slingbox.


              I have my Slingbox connected in the basement to a wired connection. However, I view from my Windows and Mac laptops that are connected wirelessly to the network. No worries there.


              You mentioned that the Slingbox is connected to the wireless router. If the Mac connect wirelessly to the nework you may be just fine. It won't hurt to try it out. If you have a Slinbox Pro HD, you will need to use Safari on the Mac to view the video. If you have a Slingbox or Slingbox SOLO, you can try out the Mac client. The Windows client is free, the Mac client probably too.


              Good luck!