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    Is the Slingplayer desktop app still working?


      Hi.. My Slingbox 500 will no longer work with the stand alone Slingplayer desktop app.  It will only work using a browser add on.  However, I was able to run the slingplayer desktop app in Best or HD mode.  When I use the broweser add on app, the best I can do with video quality is "better".


      I see that the M1/M2 is suppose to run using the Slingplayer desktop app.  I have down loaded this latest from the web site here.  But it is not working on my 500.  I see posts here that says it is not working.


      Before I spend more money on a M1/M2, I would like to know if tech support at Slingbox will support the slingplayer desktop app for the M1/M2?


      Can anyone tell me?


      I have a modern i7 computer, a Nvidia GTX 1080 video card, 32 GBs of RAM and behind 95Mbps internet.


      Why is it so hard to get Sling tech support to answer questions here?