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    Use SlingBox Pro-HD as a digital TV tuner?


      Apologies in advance but I wasn't able to find my answer via a quick scan of the forums.


      I have Time Warner Cable, no set-top box, and want to send my coax video to my DVI projector. Can I use the SlingBox Pro-HD as a TV tuner?  If this device will convert my RG6 to HDMI, and pick up either/both the SD or free HD channels in my area then it is the device for me.  A TiVo will do this but from what I understand a monthly fee is charged by TiVo even if I don't use the DVR feature of their hardware.


      I currently run an Xbox 360's video via HDMI to my projector via a HDMI-to-DVI cable and audio via the Toslink to a Denon 5.1 receiver.