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    No OTA stations found


      I'm having a problem receiving any OTA stations on my new (today) Slingbox Pro HD.  I don't think signal strength is the issue since I can receive 55 channels when connecting to an HD TV.  Using the Setup Wizard the TV Source defaults to Analog Tuner and only allows for scanning channels using ANALOG CABLE SERVICE.  That bothers me since all channels are now broadcast in digital.  I own a Slingbox Classic and a Pro and never had any problems with setup or usage.  Purchased the Pro-HD specifically for OTA. Any suggestions?

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          FIXED.  Turns out that the Slingbox firmware was old (V 1.4.60).  Upgraded to V 2.1.80 and also used a more current version of SlingPlayer.  This allowed me to change the source to TV-Ant and now I can get my OTA Digital channels.  I'm happy now!!!