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    Decision to Buy a Slingbox Pro HD - Nokia N8



      Thank you for your reply:

      "As you  already know, the Nokia N8 Mobile device is not included on the  supported Mobile devices list and we do not know if it will be supported  any time soon. Keep in mind that we will not provide any information  about any unreleased product or feature. It is clearly stated in the House Rules."


      I am considering upgrading from a standard slingbox to an existing slingbox product, the Slingbox Pro HD.


      If this will never support the Nokia N8, and you are not able to advise me that it will/will not ever be supported because of House Rules, then it would be bettter to at least inform customers.  No comment is not an answer.


      If you cannot confirm due to the Rules then it looks like I'll just have to take my purchasing decision elswhere to a competitor.

      First time using customer support, and my existing slingbox is good, but the response is disappointing to say the least.