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    Slingbox Solo Network Setup Issue(s)


      So I bought a used slingbox solo off a friend.  When he had it, although he had trouble setting it up, it was working fine.  He just stopped using it.  Anyway now I have tried to set it up and with no luck.


      My router is a D-Link DIR-825 and I am connecting the slingbox to a Shaw cable (Canada service) PVR, which is also what my friend had it connected to previously.  My problem seems to be purely network related.  For a while the network light would be blinking, then stay off.  I checked my router info and it showed "My Slingbox" as a active device with an IP address, but since light on slingbox was not working, safe to say trying to set it up through website or slingplayer was a no go.  It simply stated it could not find a slingbox on my network.


      So after resetting everything (modem, router, slingbox) and trying again, the network light after a while went solid.  However when I check my router status, it does not detect a "My Slingbox" and shows it is not giving off any IP to another device (other than the computer that have always been connected to it).  So again both website and slingplayer failed to find a slingbox on my network.


      So now all I can say is WTF.  FIrst my router said slingbox existed while the slingbox itself was saying it did not, and then each device decided to switch their minds.  Slingbox says I am connected but router says it is not.


      I am at a total loss.  I have obviously tried a few more resets, but same thing just happens over and over.  Router activity shows nothing about a slingbox being connected, but the slingbox 'lights' say that it is connected.  (it now gets solid lights much quicker than when I first tried)



      Some help would be much appreciated.



      Note: Incase it was a firmware problem I tried the thing where I connect the slingbox directly to my computer/laptop to try to update it (while computer used my wireless network) but still the computer could not detect the slingbox solo.  The slingbox network light was just forever blinking.

      Also I turned off/uninstalled any and all antivirus software incase that was the problem after my very 1st attempt of setting up box failed.  So other attempts have been with 0 secutity on my computer.