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    Please help me make my screen appear like the one on your product page - NO ADs


      can someone at Slingbox please explain to me how to get the screen you show on the monitor on your site WITHOUT ADS at:

      Slingbox.com - Slingbox M1


      either that or change your web page so the screen on the laptop and the monitor show the annoying ads so as not to be practicing in what some would call fraudulent advertising .....


      you used to have a great product, but now I will just stream from the provider as I can with my cable subscription ... WITHOUT ads during the full screen viewing.  I would rather wait until available from that source than see those lousy ad banners


      the revenue model of advertisements I do not mind for FREE PRODUCTS but not spending the money on your devices ever again - banner ads if device is FREE or BANNER FREE for the price you ask for your device