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    SlingBox M2 - No Video Blank Black Screen (Solved)

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      I recently purchased a SlingBox M2 and all was working fine until last week when all of a sudden it stopped working for no reason. I could connect to it and it would report it was streaming but only had a blank, black screen, no audio. I tried uninstalling all software and all the usual solutions. No luck.


      Today I resolved the issue and am posting this to possibly help others.



      • I could connect to slingbox but I only saw a black, blank screen on the desktop and web viewer, with no audio
      • I could watch fine on laptop but not on desktop computer
      • No standard fix worked



      A recent, March 16, 2017 Windows 10 update, KB4013429 was the culprit. That update affected/corrupted CompPkgSup.DLL which caused SlingplayerForWeb.exe to fault and create errors, preventing Slingplayer from functioning properly


      • I opened up the Slingplay Desktop application and ran it (even though it wasn't functioning at this point)
      • Then I went to the Windows Event Viewer, to see if it was throwing up any Errors or Problems (Windows, then type in eventvwr
      • Navigate to Windows Logs Folder & expand it
      • Select Application under it
      • On the right hand side, look for Errors (they will have a RED icon with exclamation point)


      (referenced screenshot http://prntscr.com/eoc4y6)

      • I Googled the faulting module name, CompPkgSup.DLL
      • Found this article https://www.xsplit.com/blog/windows-10-update-issues-kb4013429
      • I decided to uninstall the update mentioned, KB4013429 from Windows 10
      • Just go to Start Button / Windows Button > type in:  View Installed Updates and click the option that comes up
      • Scroll through, find update and then uninstall it
      • Reboot computer
      • Ran SlingPlayer and it worked again


      • After you reboot, Windows MAY re-install the update, so you will have to verify it didn't do this if you are having a problem
      • You can force Windows not to install these updates by following advice here, to turn off auto download and auto-install of updates. It depends on what version of Windows you have
      • Microsoft also offers a downloadable tool that can block specific updates and drivers. after updates are downloaded or ready for download, but not yet installed
        • Once you hide an update, after it's downloaded, it will not be installed
        • You can go to Windows Update, in Win 10 and check your Update History link - Screenshot http://prntscr.com/eocd2s


      • I'm not aware of the security implications of disabling this update. You can read more about the KB4013429 update
      • Perhaps in the coming months, a fix will be issue and you can test re-installing the update
      • UPDATE: Microsoft released a fix, KB4015438 which supposedly fixed some of the issues in KB4013429. I have not tested it yet but will. If you've uninstalled KB4013429 update, the KB4015438 update is a cumulative update, that hopefully will fix everything

      Hopes this helps someone