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    Why will my Sling 350 not open in the browser on my MacBook Pro?

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      At any time, I can access my Slingbox 350 with my iPhone or my iPad and watch full shows and sports without any problems.  Then, I go to my Laptop which is connected with Ethernet or WiFi but ethernet is faster.  I can log on to my Sling 350 but every time must go through the repeated cycle of set-up, what connections, who's service, cable box, remote control.  While I'm going through all of this every time, I'm watching my TV produced from my Sling 350 in the small window, upper right.  Then, I get the message, "watch in Browser".  I click on and immediately lose why connection.  P15 error.  It's all BS.  Sometimes I can trick it having my sling already logon and producing video on my iPhone.  Then sometimes my Browser window say, "being used by someone else, would you like to watch on your browser" ?  I click yes, it then services on my Browser and I get to watch my  beloved Blackhawks with my Browser and big screen.  WTF.  I just don't undestand?  Ever since  the installation of the required Sling for Web app.  Cannot watch on the Browser but can sit there and watch on the little screen for hours, uninterrupted.  Makes no sense.