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    Locating Slingbox Proxies Stream / Direct Connect via IP Works


      Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone has some insight on this issue I'm having with internet viewing.  I happen to be a network engineer and I know my port forwarding is setup correctly and has been tested.  I have also configured Internet Viewing via the slingbox setup app, but I am having an issue with direct connections using the locate service.  In addition, I also see "Internet Viewing Status: Warning" when I login to the support portal, but it says internet viewing setup complete and has the right information there.


      Here's the thing, whenever I setup a manual connection using the external IP and port 5001, my player connects and starts streaming HD quality just like I want.


      If I locate my slingbox via the ID, it proxies my connection through Amazon EC2 at much lower quality, and sometimes tells me I'm not setup for internet viewing.  I can see the connections from my router so I know when the connection is proxied or direct.  No matter what ISP I'm on via the client, I have this low quality proxy issue.


      I'm clearly setup correctly at the house, and if I telnet to my IP on port 5001 from anywhere, it connects.  What could cause the location service to see that port is closed/not use it, and then to proxy the connection?


      Direct works for now but I'm concerned about my IP changing in the future.  Any help would be appreciated.