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    Slingplayer for Mac

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      I am really getting tired of posting this same thing over and over. Does anyone from Sling ever read these? Sometimes it works great. Well, I do get ads in Spanish. But at least I can stream. But about half the time I get this:


      There is nothing wrong with my internet. In fact, I am trying to stream locally over my home network. Not even wifi, but over ethernet.


      I am going to look into other products to replace my Slingbox 500 that used to work perfectly.

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          I am experiencing the same issues. We have 100mbps+ service and have never experienced this issue until the new "streaming software" came out. This is obviously a programming error and it is increasingly frustrating to see this message pop up as consistently as it does. On the very same network I can view from iPhone and or iPad. There shouldn't be any issues with this streaming from a computer. When will someone ACKNOWLEDGE THIS IS A PROBLEM and REASONABLY answer with a timeline to resolve the issue?