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    Optimizing Picture Quality - How can i make it better!?

      Hey, hope someone can help
        I was trying to get advice on how to improve the picture quality I was getting from my slingbox.  The HQ picture is perfect, except it has to buffer literally every second and so is impossible to watch.  The SQ picture gives perfectly acceptable audio, but the picture is very poor, especially if the action is fast moving.
      I purchased the slingbox to watch sport so I need the picture to be crisp. 
      At the present time the slingbox is connected to the DVR with composite cable and then wirelessly using slinglink equivalent devices.  The upload speed is at the slingbox location is is 0.34 Mbps, United kingdom.  My download speed is 11.19 Mbps, USA.
      The composite cable is going to be replaced with a component cable which i understand should help.  The other thing I was considering was linking the slingbox to the router with a cable.
      When I use the slingbox at the present time it seems to be streaming at 150-200 Kbps (number at the bottom right hand corner of the picture).  How fast does it need to be to produce good quality picture??
      Is there anything futher you can recommend.  If i am correct the limiting factor would appear to be the upload speed? is that correct?
      Thanks for your help.