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    Please HELP!  SOS!  My Slingbox Pro comes on with poor picture, freezes up, or disconnects completely.


      Hello All,


      I am going crazy.  I am in China right now, and I am lost without my Slingbox working.  It seems that every time I fix a problem with the Slingbox, something else comes up.  This latest problem really has us stumped.  Now, the audio and video come up for a minute or two, with poor to decent picture quality, then freezes up, or disconnects completely.  I am stumped, because we tried changing the cable TV box back in the USA (Comcast), turning modem, Slingbox, cable TV off and unplugging all electrical cords, hitting the reset button on the Slingbox, and nothing seems to work.  I have been in China since November 24, 2010, and this is the first glitch with the Slingbox that we have been unable to fix.  It was working fine just four days ago, and now all of a sudden it will not work.  Late yesterday afternoon it did stay on for over an hour until I turned it off, but now I can not get it to stay on more than 1 or 2 minutes, without the picture freezing up or a complete disconnection of the signal alltogether.  Does anybody out there have any ideas how I can fix this?  Could it be that the entire Slingbox Pro unit needs to be replaced?  I have had it for 3 years now.  Please, any help out there.  I am in China and going crazy without my US television programming.  Thanks everyone!