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    watch.slingbox.com works on XP, not on Win7...same network


      First - I pretty adept here, so I think I've tried everyone.



      Slingbox Classic (it's old, but it works)

      Laptop with XP and Slingplayer installed

      Desktop with Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)

      ActionTec router with port forwarding established


      Laptop - Can view Slingbox both on the LAN (wired and wireless) with Slingplayer AND at watch.slingbox.com (IE7).  Can also watch from laptop in remote location.


      Desktop - Can NOT view SlingPlayer or watch.slingbox on Windows 7.  Firewalls are off.  SlingPlayer added to allowed programs.  Under both SlingPlayer and watch.slingbox it sees the Slingbox Classic but will not connect.  For watch.slingbox I get an "There was an error connecting to your slingbox. Please try again" message.


      For SlingPlayer I get a "There was a problem communicating with the slingbox." error.  Tell Me More hyperlink says it's a:


      • Error: 0x9234015f
      • Context: 46
      • Operation:1041


      I've also reinstalled the plugins for both IE and Firefox.  Same problem on both browsers.


      I immediately go over to my laptop and everything is fine.


      I'm completely flumoxxed at this point.  Any suggestions?