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    "Green Screen" Video - No Solution Yet


           My screen pretty much looks like the picture below (not my TV, image from the internet).  The advice I have found all says that this is a hardware (cable)  problem.  However, I have tried multiple cables and types (composite and component), as well as multiple TV's and computers.  However, I am getting the same result.


      I have also spent a lot of time dealing with the router config suggestions, but there was no success on that front either. Searched the forums (including the one that had the picture below), but no good advice has been found yet.


      Any help would be appreciated.







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          Just to note that I have also experienced this issue 3 times in the last month with the SOLO. Each time disconnecting and reconnecting has resolved the issue.


          However, I have also experienced this in conjunction with intermitent disconnects every 1 - 20 mins over the last 3 weeks. This issue has been documented on this site alot in the last 12 months, it seems to be an unresolvable hardware issue, a lucky few appear to have found that plugging the SOLO in to the wall socket, as opposed to an extension bank, has resolved the issue. Im not sure about the physics behind this solution, but if that is the case then the fault must come down to a poorly designed power supply.


          I mention this here as the green screen may be a related symptom of this power supply issue.


          AND yes I have performed all possible troubleshooting, this issue is the SOLO hardware.




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            It looks like the picture I tried to post cannot be viewed.  Basically, it is very distorted, rolling picture that sort of looks like a negative image.  Again,  I don't think it is the cables, nor do I think it is the router.  I have tried changing the output settings on the cable box from HD to standard, and that did not work as well.


            Basically, I am looking for any help / suggestions.  My setup is an old SB Pro, I am trying to use both a Mac and a PowerBook to view, and my cable provider is AT&T U-Verse.


            I tried calling Technical Support, but I have some real difficulty in paying a ransom of 30 bucks to get an answer. 


            Any help would be greatly appreciated.


            Thank you