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    Cannot get internet viewing to work


      I recently bought a Slingbox AV off of craig's list.  And a Slinglink off of Amazon.  I set them up, as described inthe various instructions, and was able to successfully get it to work on my computer at home on the same network, using my PC.  No problems there.  I can watch the TV signal on the home network with no trouble.

      I went through the steps to set up the internet viewing, went into my router (a lynksys e2000- not on the list, but I was able to find the similar one to work off of), set it up just as described.  I tested it and it claimed that all was just fine, and ready for internet viewing.  But I come to work and cannot connect.

      At work I am also using a PC, and for an internet signal I am using a public wifi hotspot.  I am certain there are no internet speed issues involved.  Every time I try to connect to my box it comes up with error message w213.  I tried on a different secured network also within range, but the same thing happend.  I have gone back and reset my router twice now with no luck.  As far as I can tell, I have done everything that I was supposed to to set up this properly, but for whatever reason its not working, and I am not sure what further I should be doing.

      Does anyone know what it is that I am missing?

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          Okay, so I got in touch with a friend who has a slingbox too, to see if he could connect to my set up.  He could.  So that rules out my set up at home.

          I tried to connect to his box.  I couldn't.  Then I tried to connect on two different networks I have access to here at work.  Niether worked.  I also tried in not only my normal firefox, but also in IE, and the slingplayer app.  Also none of those worked.  So I can rule out the network as the problem.  So the only thing left that can be the problem is this laptop in particular.  For some reason, the way it is set up is what is causing the problem.  I'll take it home with me tonight to see if it will connect on the home network where the slingbox is.  If it doesn't that shold confirm it.

          Anyone have any idea what I could be missing?  I fear its something utterly obvious- the kind of thing I'll be embarrassed I didn't realize.  But at this point I'll take the shame if I can get this thing to work.

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              Does the laptop have Windows Media codecs installed?   Had this issue on a Windows 2008 Server without "Desktop Experience" installed, which didn't have Windows Media Player installed on board as a result.  Long story short, by adding what I needed as far as Windows Media codecs by installing the required components, the Sling Player (web and desktop versions) started to work immediately.


              If the network isn't the problem, and it's confined down to just the laptop -- I'd check the codecs situation out before you waste more time on this.


              Hope this helps!

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                  I have WMV on the laptop and as far as I know, its fuly updated with all the codecs.  Its set to check for updates every week.

                  I have been trying various things all day with no luck.  No settings change has made any difference.  I think I'm going have to suck it up and call tech support, pay the $30, and hope that its actually something they can help me fix.

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                Hi ATS1975.


                Since your friend is able to connect remotely to your Slingbox and you are not able to connect using the same computer on three different networks, the issue might be caused by a security software or firewall on your computer.


                Feel free to follow the steps mentioned below if you are still not able to connect to your Slingbox from this specific computer.


                Using the SlingPlayer Behind a Company Firewall


                Best regards.