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    Slingbox Connection


      I have recently installed a Slingbox Solo and tested this fully both on my home network and another internet connection in the UK. I have just arrived in Spain and got a connection no problem on Friday and viewed by Sky TV.


      However when I tried to connect today (Sunday), I get a "cannot connect to your slingbox" message and therefore have no connection. Does this mean that my slingbox has failed or is frozen? I have checked the bandwidth in Spain and this is 4.7Mb download and 1.5Mb upload. UK broadband is higher than this, so don't think the internet is the problem (all other web sites work fine). I have also pinged the public IP address for the slingbox and get a response no problem.


      Anyone have any ideas?  Can the slingbox be rebooted remotely for example.





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          Hello corseford.


          Since you were able to connect to the Slingbox from different remote locations without a problem, the issue might be caused by a security setting or firewall on your network.


          Feel free to follow the steps mentioned below if you are still not able to connect to your Slingbox from this specific remote location.


          Using the SlingPlayer Behind a Company Firewall


          Best regards.

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              My problem lies in the slingbox setup. I have been having trouble for months with the connection. I tried reseting it today and now everytime i try to install it, the network says I have entered the wrong password for it, however I used the one I have always had.