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    Password fails


      I have been using the SlingPlayer for over a year and it only asked for a password when I would quit on one computer and try to connect on another withing a short time lag. In normal use on one computer, it never asked for a password (after the initial setup). For the past month, it has been asking for the password every time I launch the player. For the past five days, the password has failed. I have always had a text file with the non-admin password and the admin password, so it is not a question of forgetting the password. My brother is at the location of the box and he can connect fine. It never asks for a password. He says "I did reinstall it and kept the old passwords. I believe I spelled them the same." He doesn't know a way to activate the password request dialog box to test the passwords himself. Can anyone tell me how he can test the passwords?


      Maybe I am assuming the obvious when it isn't caused by the obvious (like "car won't start, needs a new starter"). Maybe the password isn't failing but something else is failing.


      If you know the port that is used by default to send or receive, please share that with me. I can simply ping through that port. My nag: This site seems quite bare of technical data. I would like to have a Sling page with all the networking data. Anyone?