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    Help with ethernet connection


      I have a slingbox plus 2 slinglinks - 1 each to my router and the slingbox.  The slinglinks appear to be set up OK but the ethernet light on the slingbox is flashing, indicating that it is not connected to the router.  This was confirmed when I installed the software on my laptop and a message appeared that there is not a slingbox linked to my router...


      I have re-set the slingbox a few times as suggested in the instructions, but no joy


      Anyone experienced this or know how to help?  It seems I am close to getting it working but being foiled!


      I have just seem another message saying there may be compatibility issues between slingplaye and windows?  I am on Windows 7 Enterprise.  I cannot believe this system cannot work with a standard version of Windows???

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          It works fine with Windows 7.  Do you have both your SlingLinks plugged directly into the wall socket with no surge protectors?  Maybe your SlingLinks are not on the same wiring circuit?  Try switching off the circuit breaker and see if they are on the same circuit.

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            Does your router act as a DHCP server as well?

            Perhaps the Slingbox hasn't been allocated an IP address.


            I'm having a problem similar to yours and I'm certain my DHCP option isn't allocating IP numbers.

            This my own fault because I can't resist dicking about with things.

            I have set static IP numbers on all my other devices, however I can't get to the Slingbox to set a static IP as it isn't appearing on the net (where it has been quite happily for about 3 years).


            I downloaded a freeware IP scanner called (unsurprisingly) Advanced IP Scanner, this should help you to see if the slingbox has been allocated an IP.

            Anyway, just a thought.