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    Password fails


      Hello. My brother has a SlingBox in Hawaii. I am in China. For over one year, I have been using the non-browser app ("SlingPlayer") successfully. I know, it isn't as high-tech as the broswer option, but it the best choice for my use. It no longer accepts the password. My brother is not really understanding what I am dealing with, since he has never used any application; he opened his Internet Explorer to watch.slingbox.com and it just works. I can do that also, but only via a MacBook. I prefer the method I have been using for over a year, using my PowerMac G4 with a 22" screen, put the small SlingPlayer window in the bottom corner, and no battery to deal with. I use this computer for everything when I'm home, so I don't want to run two computers: the MacBook for watching the SlingBox and the desktop for everything else, not to mention the positioning issue of two screens.


      I am not asking for further development of the app. The app opens fine. I don't need any update. The problem is that the thing is in a rut of asking for the password to connect and the password fails (at least I assume it fails -- no error message, just pops up the password box again after a few seconds).


      Does anyone know a solution for the password failing? I have tried both the standard and the administrator password, both fail.