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    channel number not changing on tv


      When I use the sling catcher remote to change the TV channel on the sling Pro-HD box, the channel changes but not the number displayed on the tv.  The information displayed on the TV is the same as if you have pressed the OPT key on the remote.  I am using the built-in TV tuner in the Slingbox.  The correct channel # is displayed on the remote if watched on the computer using slingplayer.  Any recommendation on how to fix the problem.

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          Hi, ysmsd08


          We recommend you to run the A/V Setup one more time and test the SlingCatcher remote control functionality. In the mean time, we encourage you to provide all the details about the home network layout.

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              When you refer to the AV setup, are you referring to the slingbox or the catcher setup?  The catcher has these settings:

              video:480i (standard TV)

              audio: stereo

              network: DHCP

              Antenna input: HDTV antenna

              The catcher is connected to a wireless bridge and is on the same subnet as the slingbox.

              What I did notice is that when I was powered on the catcher, if it is a digital channel it is playing, there is no channel displayed on the opt bar on the TV screen when I change channels.  The channel number only comes on when I changed to an analog (NTSC) channel and then this channel is the channel that will remain on the opt bar.  I can change to other digital or analog channels, the channel number will not change.