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    Sling Box Player Video Is Froze Up


      No matter what I do on any PC when I connect I get a frozen picture while viewing my sling box pro remotely.  I have DirecTV service and  cannot change anything.  It says my slingbox is streaming and when I click on the remote it says controlling but nothing happens.  My bandwidth is ok, downloading at 1 Mbps.  Just started this behavior 2 days ago.  I have disconnected and reconnected, logged out and back in and nothing changes.  I get a frozen picture of what was being broadcast at the time the problem started.

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          Hi, mtamps


          Even though you have a good download speed (1Mbps), you have not included any information about the the upload speed (the most important).


          With this in mind, I recommend you to check this link in order to get further information about this issue and its possible root causes.


          Improving your Internet Viewing picture quality

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            I have a slingbox pro and when installed last week it workd great for 2 days.  Now, twice the video has frozen for days at a time while the audio still works.  I can change channels using the guide, but again only the audio (the video remains frozen on the same frame from 3 days ago.)  The remote control does not work either when this happens.

            It seems like this is a common problem for a lot of folks, but there doesn't seem to be a clear answer.  Pretty dissapointed in Slingbox at this point.