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    Poor Video quality w/ WIN 7, great w/ WINXP.


      I stream via fast internet connection from a SLINGBOX CLASSIC in USA (HI) to Japan.  I just got a new ACER 5472 (I5, integrated INTEL Graphics) and downloaded SLINGPLAYER running WIN 7 home premium.  The SLING video is very grainy (pixelated) and right click CC function is greyed out (inaccessable).  When I use my old WINXP laptop with older SLINGPLAYER s/w, the video quality is great and CC functions.  I have seen other posts indicating WIN 7 video quality problems.  Is this a WIN 7 incompatability problem?  Is there some work around?  Thank you.


      PS.  While investigating this problem, I found the following.  Any comment or suggestion?


      They suggest copying files from the WEBSLINGPLAYER program to SLINGPLAYER, (SBDS and H264DecoderDLL) and say it fixes the problem.