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    Clear TiVo remote for Motorola Atrix version


      Good morning.


      I have a solo connected to my TiVo; and I also have downloaded and am using Mobile Sling Player on my Motorola Atrix (HSPA+).


      My question is, since TiVo is the most widely used DVR in the world; and since the Atrix is a 4 inch screen, is there an optional (I'd gladly pay for it - or Beta test it) clear remote control for the Atrix version of the mobile software for TiVo users, that would resemble the TiVo remote control?


      It could be able to be hidden, just as the standard TiVo remote control is on the regular Internet version.


      I bet that there are enough TiVo users who also use the mobile / Atrix to justify such an optional add-on - even if it cost the end user additional funds.


      I appreciate your taking the time to read this and reply.


      Have a GREAT day.


      Cliff Wild